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We’re kind of an unusual group. So we get lots of questions and misunderstandings. We will address them here, as they come up.

How do I join?
Simply show up for a meeting and express that you would like to become a member. It’s as easy as that!

Can guys join?
Sorry fellas, LUPEC is for ladies only. But don’t despair! You’re always welcome to our events (see below). Or you can join us after we’re done with our meeting, for a little social time.

I’m under 21, can I still join?
Sorry youngin’s, since we sometimes meet in bars, and one of our activities does involve consuming alcohol, it just wouldn’t be a good idea. Come back in a few years. We’ll save a seat for you.

Do I have to be a cocktail guru to join?
Goodness, no. You just have to be curious about classic cocktails, and have an appreciation for the past. Most of us are learning as we go. That’s part of what makes it fun!

How much does it cost?
We don’t have membership fees. Just pay your bar tab!

Are you a drinking club?
No! We don’t meet to drink loads of booze and get plastered. We believe in a more “quality over quantity” approach to cocktails. We would much rather sip and appreciate a few very good cocktails, then guzzle a bunch of cheesy drinks.

In fact, the cocktails are just one part of what we do. Of equal importance are social interaction, education, and civic works.

What’s the difference between a “meeting” and an “event”?
Meetings are held on a monthly basis. They are casual gatherings of our members. At meetings, we sample 2-3 classic cocktails, discuss a topic or have a more free-form conversation, and make decisions on club matters, as well as plan club activities.

An event is an occasional happening, and is much bigger than a meeting. In addition, the general public is invited and encouraged to attend. These are often fundraising or outreach events.

Where do you meet?
We sometimes meet in a lounge or bar. Other times, we meet at a member’s home.

What exactly do you do for the community?
Recently, we have partnered with the Y-ME Breast Cancer Foundation, and put on an event called “Pink-A-Rama” to raise funds for their organization. In addition, proceeds from the sale of our buttons go to Y-ME.

Of course, we aren’t stopping there! We’re a small organization, but we have some BIG ideas about what we’re going to take on next. In fact, if you are involved in a non-profit that might want our help — especially one that deals with women’s health, well-being, or history, shoot us an e-mail, and we can talk.



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