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The drinks report for 08.12.07 August 13, 2007

Posted by frufrupops in Drinks, Meetings, recipes.

All in all, I think we had a really productive meeting, and finally pulled the trigger on a bunch of issues. Awesome! To boot, we got to try some yummy beverages.

The plan was, though we were meeting at Amsterdam, to have drinks that honor the women of the Hotel San Carlos. Two for Leone Jensen, who threw herself from the roof, and in modern times, is sometimes seen as a white mist haunting the halls:

White Lady
1/3 gin
1/3 Cointreau
1/3 lemon juice

Virgin’s Downfall
Blend of Whiskey, Vodka, Grenadine and Fruit Juice.
(that’s the best recipe I could find!)

Unfortunately, the bar did not have lemon juice on hand, and since our second recipe was so vague, we skipped it too.

The third recipe is named for the lovely Jean Harlow, who was a guest at the San Carlos:

  • 2 oz light rum
  • 2 oz sweet vermouth
  • lemon peel for garnish

We did manage to get one of those — despite the bartender’s warning.

Personally, I thought it was rather good. Sweet, but not too sweet.

Vodka Gimlet got her namesake. It was tart and sassy, just like her!

1 oz lime juice
1 1/2 oz vodka
1 tsp powdered sugar

Finally, I noticed they had Chartreuse (both green and yellow) on the shelf. I pored over Shirley Temple’s cocktail book until I found a recipe that used it, and settled on the Bijou:

3/4 oz Plymouth Gin
3/4 oz Chartreuse (green)
3/4 oz sweet Italian Vermouth
2 dashes orange bitters

Very different, and surprisingly good! You could definitely taste the herbal element of the chartreuse. It was likened to everything from Tension Tamer tea to a Ricola. I would totally order it again.



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